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This is such a fun and educational program, and has helped me love where I live even more! This is such a blessing to have with my apartment.

Deborah S.
Martin Street |  Lakeport, California

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the Resident Rewards Program! It has helped me continue to stay on top of items I need every month that could not be covered by my income. I'm stabilizing from trauma, and this program has greatly helped me in my healing process. Thank you Resident Rewards! 

Annie P.
Metro East |  Santa Ana, California

Thank you Resident Rewards! I am so grateful for this program, I logged into my account and there were 2 Amazon cards waiting for me, and I was able to help out my son during the holiday season. Thank you again, and Merry Christmas!

Michelle E.
Bella Vista |  Lakeport, California

I hope Resident Rewards knows how much I appreciate them, I have used the cards for several years now for birthdays, anniversaries, and other gifts for friends and family. TPC you are the best!

Catherine S.
The Buttes |  Idaho Falls, Idaho

Your rewards program has been such a help to me in the months I've been involved. They've gotten me through some times I've been lower on funds and it has been such a blessing.

Susan D.
Las Brisas |  Caldwell, Idaho

I enjoy the informational quizzes and gift cards! The rewards make me feel like a valued resident.

Florence D.
Crossings at North Loop |  Antelope, California

The gift cards are such a blessing, they've provided food, diapers, clothes, and an occasional present for my twins and I. Thank you Resident Rewards!

Amy M.
Martin Street |  Lakeport, California

I love having access to this program! I brag about to my coworkers often and hope they move to a property that offers Resident Rewards!

Jamie J.
Tierra Vista |  Hanford, California

I love the quizzes we get to take, and the gift cards are such a plus! Resident Rewards does such a good job on keeping us informed with updates on new quizzes and contests, so thank you!

Loni B.
Kristen Court |  Live Oak, California

Thank you so much for this program! I have really enjoyed the quizzes, it's a wonderful idea to refresh our memories on each of the subjects.

Cynthia M.
Cottonwood Meadows |  Eagle, Idaho