Earn & Share

I am 92 and benefit from my friendly neighbors lending a hand when I need it. Many people from my church visit and admire our facilities and I couldn't have picked a better place to live. I think it is great that our manager encourages us to be involved and the owner has a program so we can get rewards.

Oleta K.
Stony Creek Senior |  Williams, California

My Property Manager introduced me to this wonderful rewards program recently & I earned 7,000 points right off the bat for my lease renewal, paying rent on time and taking surveys! Yay! I look forward to taking my teenage son out to eat when he comes to visit. Treating myself to Starbucks before work and Subway at lunch. Having gas in for the car helps out a great deal right now too! Thank you TPC Apartments!!!

Lisa S.
Henness Flats, California |  Truckee, California

We appreciate the opportunity to earn rewards and especially like watching the videos. Not only to earn points but to also learn valuable safety tips. We look forward to using some of the gift cards we redeem to offset the cost of Christmas. 

Randy M.
Park Ridge Apartments |  Post Falls, Idaho

Thank you for accepting me into The Resident Rewards Program. Our eldest is away at college at UC Davis, so the extra help we receive from the gift cards is VERY appreciated! This is a really great program with a lot of good information in the videos. They are also short but with enough information, any first-time renter "old fogies" like myself, can learn something valuable in these videos. The bed bug video was very informative, I now know to be more careful with our luggage when we travel. Thank you!

Joey and Mellisa B.
Blue Oak Apartments |  Anderson, California

I was so excited to learn about this program and start earning points right away. I have told all of my friends that live here about it. I think it's great that this company is doing this for their residents.

Charlene S.
Blue Oak Court Apartments |  Anderson, California

"I have been living in this community for 2 years now. I love this rewards program, I love taking the quizzes and learning useful tips for the apartments. I have earned multiple gift cards and always choose gas cards. Who doesn't love free gas? My family and I take multiple trips down south so the Chevron cards help so much. Thank you!"

Kayla H.
Meadow Vista |  Red Bluff, California

Being a single parent I live month to month and TPC Resident Rewards gives my daughter and me a little something to look forward to. It’s a fun learning experience to do together that is very rewarding and we enjoy the gifts so much! (especially helpful during this tough time on quarantine, thank you again!)

My daughter is homeschooled so we learn at every opportunity, so I have her join me when I am taking the quizzes online. We have fun working together to get 100% and get gift cards like iTunes & Target cards. Thank you so much for this program.

Corrine K.
The Aspens at South Lake Tahoe |  Lake Tahoe, California