Earn & Share

I have lived at Hillview Ridge for seven years and heard about the Resident Rewards program from our new Manager. I am now waiting for two Walmart gift cards! Thank you TPC!

Carolyn V.
Hillview Ridge |  Oroville, California

I joined Resident Rewards this summer and already earned a fifty-dollar Amazon gift card. I am working on another now, I love spending my points! This is a great opportunity to join other residents in making our community better and getting rewards for it at the same time.

Sunday F.
East Street Senior |  Redding, California

I like this program a lot. I love getting Amazon gift cards so I can buy anything I want, books, clothes, and makeup. I also get Starbucks cards, too. Starbucks tastes better when someone else pays for it. I earn points by paying rent, renewing my lease and taking quizzes. The quizzes are easy and short about apartment safety stuff.

Ashley E.
Salado Orchards |  Corning, California

This program made the holidays better than any year yet. I earned points this year from surveys, paying rent on time, and lease renewals. The usual ways. But I also earned points by referring a friend to move into the community. I had to wait three months to make sure she moved in and paid rent first.

I used my points to buy presents for all of my family. I could actually get what they wanted because of the cards, I wouldn’t have been able to afford such great gifts. Thanks, TPC Resident Rewards.

Stephanie S.
Wind River |  Douglas, Wyoming

I love how there is a variety of gift cards for different amounts. I was able to log in for the first time, receive 1,000 points, and immediately redeem it for a $10 Subway Card. I was so excited to earn more points I took quizzes and paid rent on time and earned more points to get Amazon Cards. Such a cool program!

Megan G.
Courtyards at Sheridan |  Sheridan, Wyoming

I can never express how grateful I am about this program. It has helped me out SO much and I know my residents feel the same way, it has helped their birthday, Christmas, and grocery buying. It has been a LIFESAVER for us all.

Rhonda S.
Ridgecrest Senior |  Ridgecrest, California

I have never lived anywhere that has offered a program where you can earn points for different activities, things you already do at your apartment community. I was so excited! It is really easy to earn points. I already pay rent on time and I get points. You can get points for renewing your lease, or having your apartment in great condition at inspection, and participating in little surveys.

I redeemed my Resident Rewards points for Walmart gift cards, where I buy all my basics like paper towels and groceries. I also make sure my husband always has ice cream. He hasn’t been well and he loves ice cream, so I like being able to do this for him. Ridgecrest is a great place to live, neighbors help each other, participate in community activities and we even started a Bible study, all these ways help us stay involved and be great neighbors.

Joy J.
Ridgecrest Senior |  Ridgecrest, California

It has been a joy to see their (the residents) faces light up at the chance of earning free rewards simply for fulfilling normal resident duties, like paying rent. It has truly helped make my job easier and more enjoyable.

Javier A.
The Groves at Lindsay |  Lindsay, California

I would simply describe my community in one word, home. A home is where the heart is, where one feels most comfortable. The opportunities I have and the blessings of simple things like a washer, dryer, and even a dishwasher, are things I take for granted to make my life easier and more enjoyable. I have the grand opportunity to wake to a view of the mountain peaks, trees, and beautiful landscaping throughout. My manager is more like a friend, always polite, and easy to relate to. Maintenance has also been quick to respond to my needs and very knowledgeable. The Groves at Lindsay is more than an apartment complex, it is home.

Lynda M.
The Groves at Lindsay |  Lindsay, California

I want to say this rewards program is so awesome. I've yet to redeem my points because I'm allowing them to accumulate. It is nice to be rewarded for being a great resident. I'm thankful to be living in this community.

David C.
The Buttes Apartments |  Idaho Falls, Idaho