Earn & Share

I want to say this rewards program is so awesome. I've yet to redeem my points because I'm allowing them to accumulate. It is nice to be rewarded for being a great resident. I'm thankful to be living in this community.

David C.
The Butte Apartments, Idaho Falls, ID

Being a single parent I live month to month and TPC Resident Rewards gives my daughter and me a little something to look forward to. It’s a fun learning experience to do together that is very rewarding and we enjoy the gifts so much! (especially helpful during this tough time on quarantine, thank you again!)

My daughter is homeschooled so we learn at every opportunity, so I have her join me when I am taking the quizzes online. We have fun working together to get 100% and get gift cards like iTunes & Target cards. Thank you so much for this program.

Corrine K.
The Aspens at South Lake Tahoe

I love the rewards program! I got 3rd place in the Christmas decorating contest and was able to turn my points into getting great gift cards to the stores I love. Earning points is easy and very informative when taking quizzes. I can't wait to redeem more points in the future. THANK YOU!

Christina S.
Harvest Park, California

I was so excited to learn about this program and start earning points right away. I have told all of my friends that live here about it. I think it's great that this company is doing this for their residents.

Charlene S.
Blue Oaks Court Apartments |  Anderson, CA

I have lived at Hillview Ridge for seven years and heard about the Resident Rewards program from our new Manager. I am now waiting for two Walmart gift cards! Thank you TPC!

Carolyn V.
Hillview Ridge, Oroville, CA

I like this program a lot. I love getting Amazon gift cards so I can buy anything I want, books, clothes, and makeup. I also get Starbucks cards, too. Starbucks tastes better when someone else pays for it. I earn points by paying rent, renewing my lease and taking quizzes. The quizzes are easy and short about apartment safety stuff.

Ashley E.
Salado Orchards, Corning, California

When my property manager introduced the TPC rewards program, at first I was skeptical. After reading how the rewards program works, I realized this is a great way to learn how to care for the property you are renting. I can't complain when you are being rewarded for paying your rent on time or simply learning how to deal with fires and water problems.

I am excited to turn my points into gift cards. I have to say, every resident should feel valued and rewarded.

Anna G.
Henness Flats, CA