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Thanks to TPC Resident Rewards and the quizzes they've created, I feel much more confident in my ability to deal with potential safety hazards such as oil fires, water leaks, gas leaks, and electrical outlet shocks. Thank you TPC for sharing information that continues to put our safety first!

Sergio R.
West Trail |  Tulare, California

I was able to use my rewards to purchase gifts for friends and I would not have been able to get them gifts without this program. Greatly appreciated!

Lynne W.
Summer Creek Place |  Oakley, California

Resident Rewards is an awesome program that helps you easily earn points for gift cards as a way to say thank you for being a resident. My rewards will be going towards my son's school supplies and I'm so grateful to TPC for this gift!

Shawna F.
The Buttes |  Idaho Falls, Idaho

It is a great housing community with a terrific rewards program! You get points for doing simple things you would already do, like paying rent on time and taking helpful little quizzes. I love how easy they make it to earn a little cash back!

Tania M.
First Point II |  Santa Ana, California

The Resident Rewards program is awesome! We have used our rewards in so many ways from buying groceries or home decor to going on vacation. We love collecting our points to see what we get to redeem next . Thank you TPC for such an amazing program!

Raymond S.
Harvest Park |  Gilroy, California

It's amazing to be rewarded for doing our part! I love the different ways we can earn points by learning new things, its a win-win! Resident Rewards is extremely easy for residents to use and their team is also very helpful. 

Dalisay C.
Woodbridge Place |  Merced, California

Resident Rewards is a very neat way to create a sense of community and to make sure residents are educated on common safety issues such as as fire prevention, maintenance, and pool safety. And the gift cards are such a plus! Definitely recommend!

Stephanie F.
First Point II |  Santa Ana, California

Resident Rewards is an excellent and very thoughtful program! It has given me and my family so much joy to be apart of, and I am very thankful to have access to this program in my community.

Jahaziel E.
First Point II |  Santa Ana, California

I love the Resident Rewards! It's so nice to receive free gift cards just by paying rent on time and taking simple quizzes on taking care of my unit.

Lindzey M.
The Foothills |  Meridian, Idaho

I am a recent resident at the Pacifica Apartments and I want to say thank you to Resident Rewards for my $350 after being recognized for worthy of recognition! It has been a huge blessing to me and my family as finances are tight while we help out my mother during her surgery recovery. Thank you again for this amazing gift, your team is blessing so many people with these rewards!

Mariana S.
Pacifica Apartments |  Watsonville, California