I love this program. I am a single mother so earning points for paying rent on time and quizzes on apartment living come in handy.
Shamika D.
Bakersfield Family, Bakersfield, CA
This is a really great program with good informational videos, any first-time renter or "old fogies" like myself can learn valuable information.
Joey and Mellisa B.
Blue Oak Apartments, Anderson, CA
I used my points to buy presents for all of my family... I wouldn’t have been able to afford such great gifts. Thanks, TPC Resident Rewards.
Stephanie S.
Wind River, Douglas, Wyoming
We appreciate the opportunity to earn rewards and especially like watching the videos. Not only to earn points but to also learn valuable safety tips.
Randy M.
Park Ridge Apartments, Post Falls Idaho
We are so excited for the opportunity to earn points from paying rent on time, home inspections, and the quizzes that help with apartment living.
Ricardo R.
Stony Creek, California
Happy couple on the couch using laptop

Expressing Our Gratitude

We value our residents and their commitment to making our communities a desirable place to live. To demonstrate our appreciation, we've created TPC Resident Rewards, a way to say thank you for all the great things you're doing.

So log in and enjoy - you've earned it.

TPC Top 10

Like to compete? So do we. Participating residents can see how their points rank against others, and receive even more points if they're one of the Top 20 point-earners at year end.

Screen Name Property Points
1 DanWood The Buttes, Idaho 54600
2 Bcapp The Buttes, Idaho 37500
3 MayT Bakersfield Family, California 31400
4 Afrohr The Buttes, Idaho 29500
5 Jperalt Casas de Esperanza, Arizona 28300
6 Adearm Vista Ridge, California 28000
7 Rames Riverbank Central, California 26500
8 Cmara Riverbank Central, California 26500
9 Ggalind Casas de Esperanza, Arizona 26400
10 Ivill Tresor Apartments, California 22500