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Expressing our Gratitude

We value our residents and their commitment to making our communities a desirable place to live. To demonstrate our appreciation, we've created TPC Resident Rewards, a way to say thank you for all the great things you're doing.

So log in and enjoy — you've earned it.

Expressing Our Gratitude


Thank you so much for these quizzes! Not only for the points but I really do learn a thing or two and believe they are very important with all the helpful tips.

I joined Resident Rewards this summer and already earned a fifty-dollar Amazon gift card. I am working on another now, I love spending my points! This is a great opportunity to join other residents in making our community better and getting rewards for it at the same time.

I love this program. I am a single mother so earning points for paying rent on time and quizzes on apartment living come in handy. Especially when my daughter needs diapers or I am low on gas. These cards come in handy. I am so thankful. 

TPC Top 10 - Accumulating Points is easy

Like to compete? So do we. Participating residents can see how their points rank against others, and receive even more points if they're one of the Top 20 point-earners at year end.

Screen name Property Points
1 ShellEaglin Salado Orchards, California 39,600
2 Davcal Wind River, Wyoming 34,800
3 Mokelly Salado Orchards, California 29,900
4 CiciA Bakersfield Family, California 29,400
5 DGriff76 Gateway Village, California 29,300
6 PDun Villa Siena, California 25,500
7 Derib West Trail, California 24,800
8 Bmann Villa Siena, California 24,800
9 Etur The Buttes, Idaho 23,100
10 Egarcia Bakersfield Family, California 22,400