I love this program. I am a single mother so earning points for paying rent on time and quizzes on apartment living come in handy.
Shamika D.
Bakersfield Family, Bakersfield, CA
TPC Resident Rewards gives my daughter and I something to look forward to. We take quizzes online and earn points for gift cards!
Corrine K.
The Aspens at South Lake Tahoe
You can earn points for everything from simply paying rent, moving from one TPC Community to another, and being nominated “Worthy of Recognition".
Sherri M.
Carrington Point, Rock Springs, Wyoming
We are taking a vacation to Disneyland! ...We are so excited for our trip! Thank You, Resident Rewards!!
Sherry M.
Vista Ridge, California
I'm so glad TPC Resident Rewards posted a "How to" quiz about garbage disposals. It's great to learn different things about my apartment this way.
Sylvia O.
Villa Siena, California
Happy couple on the couch using laptop

Expressing Our Gratitude

We value our residents and their commitment to making our communities a desirable place to live. To demonstrate our appreciation, we've created TPC Resident Rewards, a way to say thank you for all the great things you're doing.

So log in and enjoy - you've earned it.

TPC Top 10

Like to compete? So do we. Participating residents can see how their points rank against others, and receive even more points if they're one of the Top 20 point-earners at year end.

Screen Name Property Points
1 DSmith Carlow Senior, Rexburg, Idaho 27600
2 Rlinds Park Ridge, Post Falls, Idaho 7900
3 Garnol Park Ridge, Post Falls, Idaho 7900
4 KariiOchoa Washington Court, Gridley, California 7700
5 Emartin The Aspens at South Lake, Lake Tahoe, California 7400
6 LOrt Tresor Apartments, Salinas, California 6600
7 Kallison The Buttes, Idaho Falls, Idaho 6400
8 cupcake Willow Springs Senior, Willows, California 5900
9 Apoll The Buttes, Idaho Falls, Idaho 5900
10 Jervi Willow Springs Senior, Willows, California 5900