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Expressing our Gratitude

We value our residents and their commitment to making our communities a desirable place to live. To demonstrate our appreciation, we've created TPC Resident Rewards, a way to say thank you for all the great things you're doing.

So log in and enjoy — you've earned it.

Expressing Our Gratitude


My Property Manager introduced me to this wonderful rewards program recently & I earned 7,000 points right off the bat for my lease renewal, paying rent on time and taking surveys! Yay! I look forward to taking my teenage son out to eat when he comes to visit.

"Due to an accident leaving me unable to walk, I moved to a location that was closer to my physical therapy. The most meaningful purchase I made with my TPC Rewards points was a new pair of boots to help me learn to walk again after my accident.

"I had a month where I had an unexpected medical expense and being on a limited income I didn’t have money for anything else that month. With my points, I got Walmart cards and was able to get groceries for the month. I don’t know what I would have done without those cards.

TPC Top 10 - Accumulating Points is easy

Like to compete? So do we. Participating residents can see how their points rank against others, and receive even more points if they're one of the Top 20 point-earners at year end.

Screen name Property Points
1 Ljacks Harbour View, California 8,600
2 Bsmit Harbour View, California 8,600
3 Hmadd Park Ridge Apts., Idaho 7,600
4 Jruiz Bakersfield Family, California 7,600
5 Iguzm Willow Pointe, California 6,100
6 GMcFa Willow Springs Senior, California 6,100
7 Lpflii Dickinson Meadows, North Dakota 6,100
8 Gagui Willow Pointe, California 6,100
9 Gnola Harbour View, California 6,000
10 Jleon Park Creek, California 5,600