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Spring/Summer Patio Decorating Contest
Inocencio V.

Thank you to all residents who participated in our 2021 Spring/Summer Patio Decorating Contest! Our winners are...

1st Place: Inocencio V., Tresor Apartments

2nd Place: Linda W., Cottonwood Meadows

3rd Place: Barbara S., Las Brisas

We appreciate all of your excitement and participation, and we hope you've all enjoyed decorating your spaces and adding to the beauty of your communities!

Past Featured Residents

Diane S., Carlow Street
Diane S.

As times change, our day-to-day dynamics will naturally change also. Diane S. knows all about change.  She recently transferred from California living at Ridgecrest Senior community to  Carlow Senior community in Idaho. Diane S. has shared with us how she has chosen to embrace the changes in her life and is hopeful to encourage others to do so also:

"I have been a member of the rewards program for the past two and a half years. It has been a blessing because of the gift cards you earn, helping with expenses, and gifts for family and friends. I moved from the Ridgecrest Senior Apartments in California to  Carlow Senior Apartments in Idaho and received thousands of points just for moving from one TPC community to another. It was so easy to collect points and take quizzes and before long, I had all the points I needed for the year. I thank Resident Rewards for making my life easier and more enjoyable. Everyone should join this program!"

We thank you, Diane, and all of our participating residents for being a part of Resident Rewards and choosing to enhance your living!

Amber R. and Family
Amber R and Family-Blue Oak Apartments

In days like these, a sense of community can feel as though it is in short supply. However, Amber R. of Blue Oak Court has gone the above and beyond to prove otherwise. Last year, when extreme weather conditions sparked a fire on the highway in front of Blue Oak Court, Amber and her family took action to help save the community. They worked diligently finding extra hoses, collecting fire extinguishers, evacuating residents, and directing firefighters around the community. Their decidedly quick and selfless action assisted staff and firefighters in getting the fire under control swiftly and making sure all residents were safe. Blue Oak Court and TPC are extremely blessed to have Amber and her family call this community home. TPC proudly recognizes them as our “2020 Residents of the Year” for their effort in maintaining a safe and healthy sense of community in the midst of difficulty. 

Holiday Decorating Contest
Michelle R.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's TPC Resident Rewards Holiday Decorating Contest! Our 2020 winners are...

1st Place: Michelle R., Kristen Court

2nd Place: Tiffany S., Kristen Court

3rd Place: Shauna S., Salado Orchards

We hope each of you had a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


Patty E. Cottonwood Meadows, Idaho
Joy and Nostalgia-Patty E.

There’s a certain joy and nostalgia that comes with every holiday season, and that is something Patti E. of Cottonwood Meadows hopes to generate in her community. Before any major holiday makes its way around, Patti is up before the sun to decorate for the occasion. She can’t wait to surprise her community with the familiar feeling of home that each resident craves. She has coordinated multiple holiday meals for the residents and even performed impromptu concerts for residents and staff to enjoy during these months of quarantine (from a safe distance of course). Patti gives without hesitation and asks nothing in return simply to make others smile, something we all could do a little more of. TPC Resident Rewards is grateful to Patti for her continued mission to spread joy and lift other’s spirits.

Lasting Impression-Maria R. and Rosa E.
Lasting Impression-Maria R. and Rosa E.
First impressions of a community are very important. In apartment communities, landscaping is the first step in creating an unforgettable first impression. At Casas de Esperanza the weeds and grass had been growing in unwelcome places faster than the staff could keep up with. Residents Maria R. and Rosa E. take steps to not only keep the inside of their homes kept, but they also show their community pride in keeping the yard outside their homes clean and beautiful as well. Recently, they noticed the grass and weed situation was getting out of control throughout the community. These great residents decided to act by regularly cleaning the community of weeds and grass in the rocky landscape. Their hard work creates a clean and beautiful home for all to enjoy. TPC Resident Rewards is proud to recognize both Maria R. and Rosa E. as residents who go above and beyond to prove they care for where they live.
Cindy, Stony Creek
Ambitious Resident Inspires a Community to Come Together.

This Summer California was hit hard with multiple wildfires throughout the state, in which the property manager of her community was called to aid in fighting the fires. Without a manager or maintenance person available a beloved resident, Cindy C, decided to take the initiative to do what she felt was “her part” as a resident to take care of her community. With all the ash from the fires falling upon the property daily, Cindy took it upon herself to sweep and wash the ash away in areas to make it more sanitary for all residents. Cindy kept the pool area clean of debris and cobwebs, cleared walkways and wiped down the building sides from dust and ash. She even removed trash and maintained common areas without ever being asked. The other residents admired Cindy’s ambition and soon began to follow her lead helping maintain the community in the manager’s absence. All the while giving all recognition to Cindy for her devotion and contribution as a resident to the property. Cindy’s initiative and leadership were much appreciated and a prime example of just one of many great residents at Stony Creek Senior. Thank you, Cindy. 

Original Post 09/2018

Matt, Courtyards at Sheridan
Matt Makes the Day Brighter

When you start apartment hunting your focus is on affordability, location, and size, not how helpful your neighbor will be. At Courtyards at Sheridan Apartments, there’s a neighbor that goes out of his way to help those around him, Matt K.

In front of Matt’s building, there are two handicapped parking spaces for the residents living there. In the winter, he ensures the walkways to the spaces are clear and is always available to lend a hand whether it be unloading groceries or holding the door. These small acts of kindness are the ones that can make someone’s day brighter. Thank you, Matt, for going out of your way to make someone’s day.

Original post 06/2018

Marilyn, Ridgecrest Senior
Marilyn, Ridgecrest, CA

Marilyn is friendly, outgoing, and welcoming towards new and exisiting residents at Ridgecrest Senior Apartments. With energy and encouraging spirit she took the initiative to become the social director by coordinating fun activities such as playing cards, move night, holiday gatherings, and exercise sessions, that she hosts herself. These activities make the residents at Ridgecrest feel more like a large family, not just another apartment community. Thank you, Marilyn, for everything you do to energize us and enlighten our days. 


Regina, Parkside
Random Acts of Kindness

Regina is a step above your standard definition of a normal neighbor.

Regina lives at Parkside Apartments in Idaho and takes pride in her community. When her neighbors are sick and unable to go to work she has been known to cook meals to help them rest and recover. She is hailed as everyone's “Grandma” at Parkside, watching over the children in the community. She is never asked to do the things she does, she just performs random acts of kindness. Thank you, Regina for making Parkside Apartments a great place to live. 

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We want to hear from you! Want to brag about your swag or need ideas on how to spend your points? We want to hear your comments about the TPC Resident Rewards program. Here is what your fellow residents and managers are saying:

"I can never express how grateful I am about this program. It has helped me out so much and I know my residents feel the same way, it has helped their birthday, Christmas, and grocery buying. It has been a LIFESAVER for us all." Rhonda, Ridgecrest, California

"I have spent my TPC Rewards points on a part to fix my dryer, groceries, and Christmas presents. The most meaningful purchase I made with my points was a new pair of boots to help me learn to walk again after an accident severely injured my legs. I encourage everyone to participate in the TPC Resident Rewards Program." Sherri, Rock Springs, Wyoming

Log in and click on the "Contact Us" link at the top of the webpage to tell us about your experiences in the program. We want to hear from you!

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Bonnie, Wind River
Bonnie Inspires us All

Bonnie isn’t your normal resident, she is an amazing neighbor and inspiring woman. Seventeen years ago Bonnie was diagnosed with a medical condition that would change her life forever, Multiple Sclerosis. Bonnie had an active lifestyle, was raising her teenage son, and doctors told her that her future would soon include a wheelchair. After battling the initial impact of the diagnosis, Bonnie sprang into action. She started researching how to live with her diagnosis, staying healthy, active, and strong. Working with her doctors and paying attention to her body, she continues to have an active lifestyle, taking daily walks, working part-time at the local visitor’s center, and sharing her enthusiasm for life with everyone she encounters.

Bonnie celebrates the day she was diagnosed each year as her “Birthday” as saying, "Every year I get to celebrate that I am still walking, working, and moving, MS is not who I am". She decided to defy the odds astonishing her doctors, family members, and her neighbors at Wind River Apartments by staying very active to this day. Bonnie often helps her neighbors and around the community. Providing a smile and friendly spirit, she goes the extra mile bringing home-baked treats for her neighbors and our office staff. Bonnie is a one of a kind inspiration, taking the negative in life and turning it into a positive opportunity, never giving up the fight.

Thank you for being a bright light at Wind River Apartments, we are fortunate to have you.

Original Post 01/2018

Ashley, Salado Orchards
Cool, Calm, Collected-Ashley Saves the Day

During the hot, California Summer, one of the main water lines broke in front of Salado Orchards Apartments, causing the water to be turned off to the entire community. What happened next will surprise you. 

Ashley, a dedicated resident since 2013, sprang into action. She is always keeping an eye on the community's appearance, being a friendly neighbor to all who live there, and she knew she had to help. Armed with her bubbly disposition and ability to stay calm in hectic situations, Ashley set out to help notify her neighbors about the mainline break and lack of water to their homes. Taking "being a good neighbor" a step further she also helped calm restless neighbors by passing out water bottles and updating them of the repair progress. It sure made a bothersome situation more bearable for everyone at Salado Orchards.

We celebrate you, Ashley, for being such a Good Samaritan.

Original Post 10/2017

Hildreth, Ridgecrest Senior
Hildreth "Rinna", Ridgecrest, CA

We kind of think Hildreth is a big deal!

New to Ridgecrest Senior apartments, Hildreth, better known as Rinna, is a welcome addition. She is always actively participating in resident activities, tending to our community room, laundry room, and preparing the community coffee pot regularly. Rinna takes pride in her new home and the community garden, ensuring that her garden as well as others have enough water to flourish. It’s people like Rinna who encourage others to take pride in their community by her random acts of kindness.

Have you seen somebody do something that you think is Worthy of Recognition?

Always helping neighbors with errands, groceries or Laundry? Coaching children’s sports, hosting neighborly functions, or going the extra mile to make your community great? Nominate your favorite resident or manager at your TPC community by clicking on the contact us link at the top of this page.

We love to hear all about them!

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