Earn & Share

I love the rewards program! I got 3rd place in the Christmas decorating contest and was able to turn my points into getting great gift cards to the stores I love. Earning points is easy and very informative when taking quizzes. I can't wait to redeem more points in the future. THANK YOU!

Christina S.
Harvest Park, California |  Gilroy, California

Thank you for the points and rewards. I have lived at Seasons at Anderson over two years and just recently saw your advertisement to join the rewards program. Signing up was simple and worth it. I just signed up and already earned a $50.00 Walmart gift card by completing a few quizzes. I can't wait to get my rewards.

Frank M.
The Seasons at Anderson, California |  Anderson, California

I had a month where I had an unexpected medical expense and being on a limited income I didn’t have money for anything else that month. With my points, I got Walmart cards and was able to get groceries for the month. I don’t know what I would have done without those cards. Thank you!! I like to stay busy and take care of where I live and I earned points doing so. I make sure our garden is properly watered and like to clean up the community room, making sure the coffee is ready in the morning. My manager nominated me for "Worthy of Recognition" for taking extra steps to care for where I live. I didn’t need recognition or points for those things, I love where I live.

Hildreth, M.
Ridgecrest Senior |  Ridgecrest, California

My wife and I love living in our community. We have lived here for 3 years and have a manager who cares and gets things done. We are so excited for the opportunity to earn points from paying rent on time, home inspections, and the quizzes that help with apartment living. We are going to use our points to buy things for the barbecues we have with our neighbors in the Summer. Thank you for the gift cards.

Ricardo R.
Stony Creek |  Williams, California

We are taking a vacation to Disneyland! I cashed in our Rewards points for Disneyland gift cards, that can be used towards entry tickets or food in the park. We are very happy living at Vista Ridge Apartments, it is a nice, well-kept community. We are so excited for our trip! Thank You, Resident Rewards!!

Sherry M.
Vista Ridge |  Red Bluff, California

When my property manager introduced the TPC rewards program, at first I was skeptical. After reading how the rewards program works, I realized this is a great way to learn how to care for the property you are renting. I can't complain when you are being rewarded for paying your rent on time or simply learning how to deal with fires and water problems.

I am excited to turn my points into gift cards. I have to say, every resident should feel valued and rewarded.

Anna G.
Henness Flats, CA |  Truckee, California

I love this program. I am a single mother so earning points for paying rent on time and quizzes on apartment living come in handy. Especially when my daughter needs diapers or I am low on gas. These cards come in handy. I am so thankful. 

Shamika D.
Bakersfield Family |  Bakersfield, California

I have lived at Hillview Ridge for seven years and heard about the Resident Rewards program from our new Manager. I am now waiting for two Walmart gift cards! Thank you TPC!

Carolyn V.
Hillview Ridge |  Oroville, California

Thank you so much for these quizzes! Not only for the points but I really do learn a thing or two and believe they are very important with all the helpful tips.

Kim R.
Cottonwood Meadows |  Eagle, Idaho

I joined Resident Rewards this summer and already earned a fifty-dollar Amazon gift card. I am working on another now, I love spending my points! This is a great opportunity to join other residents in making our community better and getting rewards for it at the same time.

Sunday F.
East Street Senior |  Redding, California