Earn & Share

I am honored and excited that I was chosen for the Resident Rewards Resident of the Year Award! I've been in apartment management  before and I have never seen a program like this so I am glad to see it in place here. As a tenant is it exciting to have some incentive to be a good tenant and I enjoy helping my neighbors and my community as a whole. The quizzes are fun and informative and receiving points for all of these efforts makes it all the more worth it! Thank you so much for this opportunity, I am so grateful that I was nominated and selected!

Diyana H.
Dolores Lia |  Milbrae, California

This rewards program is amazing! I'm very happy with where I live, and I take pride in helping around my community in any way I can. I was recognized for this by my manager and received Resident of the Month in November of last year and then made of the Top 20 Leaderboard of 2021. I was then rewarded both times! I'm so grateful for TPC Resident Rewards.

Laura C.
Lakeview Terrace |  Clearlake, California

I would like to thank TPC Resident Rewards for their program! It gives me such a great, rewarding feeling when my residents receive their gift cards. They share many stories with me on how their gift cards have helped with groceries, taking their kids to the movies, treating themselves to coffee, and more. We are so blessed to have a company that not only provides us a place to live, but rewards us for learning how to take care of our units. Some residents even ask me when the next quiz will be coming out! I remind my tenants of this wonderful privilege often, and we are so grateful for these rewards!

Magnolia G.
Tresor Apartments |  Salinas, California

This year my husband and I participated in the Resident Rewards program, and by doing so we made top of the leaderboard which earned us an extra $250 that we are so excited to use. We have gotten gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Albertsons, Winco, and more, and encourage other residents to get involved with this rewards program!

Tammy K,
New PATH |  Boise, Idaho

Thank you for your rewards program! It is fun, quizzes are informational, and the rewards are helpful to us residents. Kudos to your team!

Olivia S.
Brunswick Apartments |  Daly City, California

Thanks so much for going the extra mile to make our life in your community so much more fun, with all the gifts cards we can redeem through the points we earn!

Carolina L.
Brunswick Apartments |  Daly City, California

Excellent program! It keeps all up to date on safety and keeps the tenants informed and involved. Thank you!

Dan W.
Cottonwood Meadows |  Eagle, Idaho

I have been beyond grateful for the Resident Rewards program! As a manager, it is so rewarding seeing this program benefit my residents. I love getting them excited to acquire and redeem points, I even have a reminder on my office door for everyone to sign upl My tenants have expressed how grateful they are for this program helping them afford gas, groceries, birthday gifts, or just having a little extra spending money. 

It has even benefitted me in my personal life...as a single mother, this program keeps me aware of the responsibilities I have to my home upkeep and safety, and also provides me some wiggle room to help with expenses. I love this program!

Molly Y.
The Foothills |  Meridian, Idaho

I wanted to say thank you! I really enjoy the Resident Rewards program and the helpful quizzes with reminders on safety on other important topics. It's also great to redeem the points for gift cards and they come in a timely manner. Looking forward to learning more and getting more rewards in the new year!

Leesa T.
The Lakes at Eagle |  Eagle, Idaho

I appreciate the rewards program for being available to tenants. My reward experience began with just the minimum points. These points helped me when funds were tight, and I needed essential household items. I was fortunate enough to also receive points for referrals, and it was at this point I began to enjoy my points because they allowed me to purchase necessary products, as well as treat a friend to dinner!

Brandy C.
The Buttes |  Idaho Falls, Idaho