I am a recent resident at the Pacifica Apartments...
Mariana S.
Pacifica Apartments |  Watsonville, California
This year my husband and I participated in the Resident Rewards program...
Tammy K,
New PATH |  Boise, Idaho
Resident Rewards is a very neat way to create...
Stephanie F.
First Point II |  Santa Ana, California
TPC Resident Rewards has quizzes that give my daughter and m something to look forward to. We learn about safety, our apartment, and earn iTunes or Target gift cards. Thank you so much!
Corrine K.
The Aspens at South Lake Tahoe |  Lake Tahoe, California
Excellent program!
Dan W.
Cottonwood Meadows |  Eagle, Idaho
Happy couple on the couch using laptop

Expressing Our Gratitude

We value our residents and their commitment to making our communities a desirable place to live. To demonstrate our appreciation, we've created TPC Resident Rewards, a way to say thank you for all the great things you're doing.

So log in and enjoy - you've earned it.

TPC Top 10

Like to compete? So do we. Participating residents can see how their points rank against others, and receive even more points if they're one of the Top 20 point-earners at year end.

Screen Name Property Points
1 SRangel Amaya Village, Orange Cove, California 23000
2 PWapl Brunswick Apartments, Daly City, California 20800
3 JNuno Dickinson Meadows, Dickinson, North Dakota 13700
4 Cduarte Casas de Esperanza, Douglas, Arizona 13000
5 RAdley Cottonwood Meadows, Eagle, Idaho 13000
6 Jgutt Tresor Apartments, Salinas, California 13000
7 RVilla Amaya Village, Orange Cove, California 13000
8 Ghee Brunswick Apartments, Daly City, California 12800
9 CCRUZ Montgomery Crossing, Lemoore, California 12800
10 JKer Seasons at Anderson, Anderson, California 11300